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Cerwin Vega Vmax 12

The cerwin vega 12 is the top of the line 12-inch subwoofer with 2000 watts of power. It's dual 2 ohm rating ensures good performance, and the low price makes it a great value. This product is perfect for high-end music listening or for using with a audio automation system.

Cerwin Vega Vmax 12 Amazon

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Best Cerwin Vega Vmax 12

The cerwin-vega vmax12d4 is a 12db/4ohm dual power woofer that is perfect for medium to high-end music listening. With its 2x cerwin-vega logo, this product is sure to produce plenty of power for your needs. the cerwin-vega vmax12d4 is a 12 dual 4ohm power subwoofer that is perfect for todays' music scenes. With its ceriavega driver family, this speaker is sure to give your music the power it needs to take over the room. With it's ceriavega chip, this speaker is sure to give your music the power it needs to take over the room. the cerwin-vega vmax12d4 is a 12-watt dual 4 ohm car buddy subwoofer that was designed to deliver powerful and consistent sound quality when used in place of a traditional speaker in the home or office. With its high power and speakers, this subwoofer can handle up to 12 setups per hour with ease, making it the perfect choice for use in both home and office settings. the cerwin vega vmax12d4 is a 12" dual vc subwoofer that comes with a 1700 watt max and 850 watt rms squishbox. This speaker is made with two aluminum cups and for a durable build, is made with a protection film on the front and back. The cerwin vega vmax12d4 is also covered with a protectant to keep it looking good. The speaker has a small to medium sized sound production with good balance.