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Cerwin Vega Home Subwoofer

The cerwin vega home subwoofer is the perfect equalizer for any room with large thunderstorms or other large up-and-coming audio problems. With its large 15000 ohm rating it will save your business in the long run.

Cerwin Vega Subwoofer Home Theater

Cerwin vega is a brand that stands for quality and innovation in home theater products. This cerwin vega subwoofer is no different. It is designed with a black nitride finish and makes all the perfect music and sound quality you need. this cerwin vega home theater subwoofer is sure to provide the perfect level of sound quality for any home theater. It is easy to operate with a malfunctioning speaker jack and comes with a one-year warranty.

Cerwin Vega Powered Home Subwoofer

The cerwin vega powered home subwoofer is the perfect solution for those who love to listen to music on their smaller home or office setup. With a wattage of 212, this subwoofer is designed to deliver powerful sound quality. Additionally, it features 10 amplified speakers that provide a large and immersive experience. the cerwin vega 12 inch is a new 15 inch heavy duty monster bass home up upgrade subwoofer speaker. With 400w 8 ohm, it is perfect for larger homes or spaces with large acoustical noise levels. The cerwin vega 12 inch is also a great speaker for music heard through a home audio cd player or other audio system. the cerwin vega xls-12s is a 12-workhorse subwoofer that will help cover your music needs. With a strong performance, the subwoofer can handle high volumes and be used for both home and professional audio purposes. Get ready to enjoy your music again! the cerwin vega 12 inch subwoofer is a great choice for those who are looking for a dual audio speaker. It features both the arpgs7000 and the gts 7500 technologies to give you an excellent sound quality. This speaker also comes with a one-year warranty.